THE JACKRABBIT HOMESTEAD AUDIO TOUR is a self-guided car audio tour of Wonder Valley, California—a Small Tract settlement located east of Twentynine Palms near Joshua Tree National Park. To experience the tour while driving play or download the entire half-hour program to a mobile device or CD. A downloadable driving map is available to guide you along the route. This tour is also available as a iTunes Podcast.

The audio tour features the voices of Pat Rimmington, a local historian from Twentynine Palms; Jacob Sowers, a cultural geographer; Chris Carraher, a Wonder Valley resident and artist; Andrea Zittel, a Joshua Tree resident and internationally recognized artist who co-directs High Desert Test Sites; Stephanie Smith, a Joshua Tree resident and architectural designer. In the final track Andrea Zittel, Chris Carraher and Pat Rimmington discuss Shack Attack—a now defunct federal program that funded the eradication of many abandoned shacks throughout the Morongo Basin region. A bonus track by former Joshua Tree-based singer/songwriter Tim Easton performing Goodbye Blues written by singer/songwriter Evan Phillips from One for the Ditch CD—a collaboration between Easton, Phillips and Leeroy Stagger. Two extra tracks—one by the Ted Bingham, a former BLM tract surveyor and the other by Joanne Anderson, a original homesteader—complete the tour.

Funding for the JRHS Audio Tour was made possible, in part, by a grant from Cal Humanities as part of their statewide California Stories Initiative. Cal Humanities is an independent non-profit organization and a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.